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Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2 2015

2015 is a year that heralds a number of important events for Singapore. First and foremost, the country celebrates its Golden Jubilee. About five months before the National Day (9th Aug) of the country saw the passing away of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of independent Singapore and one of the most respected statesman in the global arena. For a history student who has read about Queen Victoria’s jubilees, these were grand events in which celebrations lasted over an extended period of time. Incidentally, Singapore held one of the biggest colonial celebrations in the 1887 Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Reaching 50 years for a country is a young age. For an ‘unlikely’ state such as Singapore which did not expect it to come in 1965, surviving ‘puberty’ is a big thing. Negotiating with adulthood (getting to developed country status) is the next big thing. A number of thinkers such as K. Mahbubani in Can Singapore survive? have come forward to reflect and think about the issues of Singapore’s survival. At the National Institute of Education, and specifically at the Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group (HSSE AG), we are joining the country in celebrating and remembering 1965 in a big way. First, the AG held a photograph exhibition and competition. The winner for the event presented an evocative photograph of a HDB void deck photograph and poem caption that struck a chord not only with the judges but with many visitors to the exhibition. Mr Lee Kuan Yew is remembered exclusively in one of the panels solely dedicated to him. Second, as a body of academics and intellectuals, the AG also hopes to contribute by thinking and reflecting about the milestone though the individual fields worked on by different members of the group. This is presented in the form of the special edition in this journal. The AG boasts a 23-person teaching staff team that works on a variety of areas and specialisations on an extraordinary breadth and depth of history, geography, social studies and business studies reflecting both academic and curriculum interests. The research presented in this edition features part of the repertoire of the research undertaken by different members of the AG. You are invited to refer to the research specialisation list at the end of the journal to have a glimpse of the full array of the interest research areas.

Image of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Photo by Li-Ching Ho
Londonderry, Northern Ireland. 
Photo by Li-Ching Ho

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